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Activating connection

  1. In order to activate the EWP Network data exchange functionality, please indicate the top-level domain of your higher education institution, also known as SCHAC identifier (e.g.:,,, etc).
    You can see examples of SCHAC codes of other Higher Education Institutions here:
    Please consult your IT team if you have doubts about what is your Higher Education Institutions SCHAC identifier and see more guidance material here:

  2. After indicating the SCHAC identifier, the Higher Education Institution has to save the preferences in the settings enabling the exchange of Inter-institutional Agreement data or cooperation conditions as well as static or default Inter-institutional Agreement data.

Deactivating connection

You can deactivate the Inter-institutional Agreement API via the Erasmus Dashboard EWP Settings section by simply turning it off - see a tutorial above (it will take around 15 minutes to register the updated status).
You can see the overview of the APIs activated for your HEI here: as well as the party representing you in the EWP Network here: - just search by your SCHAC code.