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From 12 June 2021 onwards all Online Learning Agreements and Inter-institutional Agreements in the Erasmus Dashboard are exchanged via the EWP Network only - users will thus notice some adjustments in how Erasmus+ data is exchanged.

The EWP Connection 

All HEIs wishing to use the Erasmus Dashboard to exchange OLAs/IIAs need to enable the EWP Settings for the corresponding API. This is a simple task which requires no technical knowledge and that can be completed in less than 2 minutes. If this step is not completed your HEI remains “invisible” to the partners in the EWP Network and cannot exchange the data via EWP through the Erasmus Dashboard.

Please see more information here → EWP Settings

Exchanging OLAs and IIAs via EWP

As from 12 June Erasmus Dashboard users will only be able to exchange IIA and OLA data with partners connected to the EWP Network, the Erasmus Dashboard ecosystem has been adjusted to notify you (and your students) when such exchange is not possible as of yet. 

Please see more information here → Exchanging OLAs and IIAs via EWP

More information

Be sure to relive the webinar that introduces the OLA and IIA exchanges via the EWP for the Erasmus Dashboard users. We hope that its extensive Q&A session will help you to find the answers you are looking for.