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The functionalities relevant for the management of Inter-Institutional Agreements are located in the section under the name “IIA manager” allowing for the creation of the Agreements, as well as editing and negotiation of the cooperation conditions that the partners have put forward. It also allows for stipulating the general info about the HEI.

Relevant functionalities are also residing under “Accounts and Access” where permissions for staff members interacting with the  Inter-Institutional Agreements can be set and edited as well as under “Organisational Units” where HEIs can re-create the internal structure of Faculties/Departments/Schools to be able to negotiate the Inter-Institutional Agreements per Organisational units.

To sum up, the following features are available via the different menu sections:

  • Accounts and Access: invite/remove colleagues and determine sets of permissions when interacting with Inter-Institutional Agreements.
  • Organisational Units: add/remove lists of Faculties/Departments/Schools, as per the structure of organisational units at your HEI.
  • IIA List: View and manage all Inter-Institutional Agreements. See all the details in the IIAs signed by all parties, review the cooperation conditions in the draft IIAs and communicate the needed changes to the partner as well as sign when the negotiation process is finalised. You can see what the status for your IIAs mean here.
  • New Digital IIA: create a new IIA stipulating all the cooperation conditions as per the official template for the Erasmus Programme and according to the data standard of the European Student Card Initiative.
  • Default IIA Data: stipulate the general information about the HEI (previously know as the Factsheet section) that can be updated at any time without re-signing the IIA to make sure the partner and the student can always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • FAQs: read the basic information about the Inter-Institutional Agreement Manager.
  • EWP Settings: Activate and manage the EWP Network data exchange functionality.

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