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Managing IIAs - Filter-Search-Sort

The IIA List allows you to view and manage the Inter-Institutional Agreements. You should use filters, search and sort options for navigating the list and finding specific IIAs easily.

IIAs can be sorted by the IIA ID, status (signed, pending partner review etc.), Creator Erasmus Code, Partner Contact details and Partner and Creator signing date as well as contact details of the person who signed it. The IIAs will be sorted either in ascending on descending order - based on the criteria selected.

IIAs can be filtered by the status of the agreement, the academic year mentioned in the agreement, the Erasmus Code of the partners and the time of last modification.

Apply changes!

Please note that, in order for the sorting and filtering to take effect, you have to click on the Apply changes button.

Each filter can be used by itself or also combination with other filters. The count of IIAs corresponding to the parameters of your search/filters can be found right under the two action buttons, Apply changes and Reset.

If the mix of filters you used excludes every available IIA, you will see a blank list and the IIAs counter will say Found 0 Agreements. Simply click Reset to erase all filters, alternatively you can click on a specific filter and reset only that one by switching it back to its default option (i.e. the first one).

If there are however dozens of IIAs that correspond to your search criteria - you can navigate through the search results via the page numbers on the top bar or by clicking "next" or "last" page.

Please, keep in mind that if you apply filters when you are on a certain page and the results are fewer than the previous search, you may see a blank page. In that case, please navigate to the correct page in order to see the IIAs matching your criteria. 


Depending on the IIA status, you may be able to edit, delete, sign or only view IIAs (for example, you can delete an IIA that is still unsigned by one of the parties).

Right below every IIA in the list, the buttons act as shortcuts for the actions that are available for that specific IIA.

Edit: To apply the necessary changes and submit the IIA again for your partner’s review. 

View and Sign: To check the IIA and its cooperation conditions and Approve it. 


The delete option is available until the IIA becomes finalized. In case an IIA is approved by both parties, then it can no longer be deleted. 

Strongly recommended to inform your partners when you delete an IIA, especially when the IIA is exchanged via the EWP Network, since there are no system notifications sent for the deletion.

No actions?

If you only see a View button that means the IIA is currently being reviewed by the partner or is already signed by all - so no actions from your Higher Education Institution side are required.

Please also note that the colleagues who have access to IIA List management also have the opportunity to sign the IIAs, in which case their contact details will show on the finalised document. 

Mapping IIAs from other EWP partners

The given search function allows to easily list the Inter-institutional Agreements with other partners (that are being represented by 3rd party providers or inhouse systems) in the Erasmus Without Paper Network.

From the list, all HEIs that are currently connected to the EWP Network can be selected and their IIA API connection status will be displayed in case they are still finalizing the adjustments to the latest API version.

It is possible to check your partners status also in the EWP Registry: 

In order to check your partner’s index for IIAs regarding your institution, please follow the steps bellow:

  1. Open the IIA List from the left menu
  2. Click on the button “List EWP Agreements” (found under “Search for IIAs in EWP”)
  3. Choose your partner’s Erasmus Code from the ‘Partner Erasmus Code’ drop down list

  4. Press the button “List Partner Agreements”.

The IIAs - regarding your institution - on your partner’s side should be listed here. 

If it’s only one, then, press the button “View EWP Partner Agreement” that is being displayed, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the button “Download to Dashboard” or “Update local IIA”.

If there are multiple ones, press the button “View EWP Partner Agreement” that is being displayed and try to find the correct one based on the given info (e.g. mobilities, etc). Once you have found the right one, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the button “Download to Dashboard” or “Update local IIA”.


Sometimes, it is not possible to successfully complete the above actions, due to specific problems. In such cases, certain error messages are being displayed explaining the situation. If you find difficulties and the message is not clear, please submit an issue in ESCI Service Desk ( in order to find assistance.