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Since the end of February 2021 the Online Learning Agreement platform and Erasmus Dashboard supports the new official LA template of the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ Programme. 

The groundwork for enabling these changes has been laid with the OLA platform updates already last October and you can read more in the Release Notes and the Mobilities OLA 3.0 section that introduced some of the new functionalities.

In keeping with the new official template and guidelines, there are some new fields and processes that are supported in the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme that aim to facilitate a high-quality Erasmus+ experience by going fully digital and introducing such aspects as:

  • European Student Identifier field, which paves the way for smoother mobility experiences and easier access to Erasmus+ services for students.
  • Strengthening of the recognition processes by including automatic recognition or allowing to indicate a clear justification and alternative recognition pathways, radically increasing transparency; see more information here.
  • Supporting new sections in the Learning Agreement to indicate virtual components as part of the academic mobility experience.
  • Removing the "After mobility" section from the Learning Agreement, which is substituted by the Transcript of Records.
  • Addition of new fields for more transparency, e.g. by allowing to elaborate on the study field via open comment next to the ISCED classification.

Please note that from now on all Online Learning Agreements from the system are exported in the new official template format.

A guide introducing the new functionalities in the Online Learning Agreement and Erasmus Dashboard in line with the new official template is available at the step-by-step section of the Erasmus Without Paper Competence Centre.