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The EWP Admin role is there for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to be able to authenticate staff accessing the Erasmus+ mobility management tools.

What is the EWP admin role?

The EWP admin role is an entitlement for HEI staff members who need to manage their connection to the EWP network via the so-called Registration Portal, an online service where HEIs can enter or change their EWP settings, having full control as to how they are represented in the EWP Network. In the future also the main EWP Dashboard administrator will be identified using this attribute.

Who should be “EWP admin”?

The staff designated as “EWP admin” will have access (authentication and authorisation) and therefore have the ability to login to the Registration Portal where he/she will need to perform some actions (such as oversee and manage their HEI’s connection to the EWP Network, apply changes or accept service providers requests on the EWP Registration Portal).

It is up to the HEI to decide how many staff members should get the EWP admin role but it is recommended to have 2-3 per HEI. The HEI should also decide who ought to be entitled as EWP admin depending on how the HEI connects to the EWP Network:

  1. Connection via in-house software
    It is recommended to assign the role to a staff member who understands how the EWP Network operates from a technical perspective and who is able to bring about the connection of the home HEI to the EWP Network.
  2. Connection via a 3rd party software:
    The main role of the EWP admin is to oversee, confirm and manage the EWP connection status of the HEI in the Registration Portal. Therefore it is recommended to allocate the EWP admin to a staff member who oversees the third party software implementation at the institutional level.
  3. Connection via the EWP Dashboard
    The main role of the EWP admin will be to oversee and manage the EWP Network connection status of the HEI in the Registration Portal and to manage Erasmus Dashboard settings (in the future).

How to activate the EWP admin role in your HEI?

To activate and deploy the EWP admin role in your HEI, you need to coordinate with your colleagues who are responsible for identity management at your IT-department. However, we recommend you to inquire how identity management is dealt with at your university, as it may vary from institution to institution in Europe.

Before initiating the process, we strongly advise you to find out whether or not your HEI is part of eduGAIN!

To know if your institution is part of eduGAIN please follow these 3 steps:

Select your country and click on the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of your country.
They all have different names and status in the country.

On the website of the selected NREN check whether your HEI appears or not as a member. If your HEI is a member of the eduGAIN system, your IT team will be able to deploy and then allocate the EWP admin role role entitlement to dedicated staff member(s) at your HEI.

If it's not clear or you are not able to confirm it, contact your NREN and find out about the status of your HEI. Go to and find your NREN.

HE Institutions that are in eduGAIN 

If the HEI has an Identity Provider (IdP) connected to eduGAIN through their national academic federation, then it can assign the EWP role locally at the institution. More information is available in the Géant Wiki. Provide your IT team dealing with authentication with this link and they will know how to proceed. Interested to see if it works for you as an EWP admin, you can test it here.

HE Institutions that are not in eduGAIN 

If your HEI is not part of eduGAIN, please contact the ESCI Service Desk with a request for information or guidance, so the service desk agents can assist you in finding a solution for your Institution.

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