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The Erasmus Dashboard  (also known as the Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard) is available to all Higher Education Institutions in Europe and was designed specifically for institutions that are currently not using any digital solution to manage their Erasmus mobility management.

Already over 2200 Erasmus Charter holders for Higher Education have requested access to the Dashboard and you can register here to explore how it supports your mobility management.

It is a free-to-use tool providing you with the basic functionality needed to manage the mobility processes of Erasmus+. It also connects to the European Commission's Erasmus+ Mobile App, allowing you to communicate with the incoming and outgoing students directly via the App, and lets you manage the Online Learning Agreements.

The tool has been developed with the support of the European Commission and can be used as the official tool to manage your Erasmus+ mobilities.

Since February 2020 the EWP Dashboard also hosts an EWP Interinstitutional Agreement Manager which allows for the establishment of Inter-institutional Agreements. It is currently in beta and can be fully tested. The connection of OLA and the Dashboard to the EWP network is also being finalized now. 

For more information about the EWP Dashboard, visit the dedicated knowledge base for the Erasmus Dashboard here.

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