Yes! Every institution that wants to use eQuATIC can contact us for getting access to the testing environment of the tool

  1. As a first step your institution needs to be added to the list of eQuATIC users. This is done by the central administrator who adds an administrator account for new users. Please contact the system administrator for step 1.
  2. Once an administrator is created in the tool, the institution can be chosen from the institution list. Users can create an account, accounts for each institution are managed by the institutional administrator.
  1. You need the participant report for outgoing students for the uploads Student questionnaire SMS.xlsx  and Student questionnaire SMP.xlsx.
  2. You can also use the mobilities export from outgoing students for the upload Student mobility - outgoing.xlsx, but then you’ll need to add two columns: Credits taken and Credits successfully completed.
  3. If you add both columns (Credits taken and Credits successfully completed) to the export of inbound mobilities this will work as well for Student mobility - incoming.xlsx.
  4. You can also export staff mobility (from mobility import – export) and upload it as Staff mobility – outgoing.

→ Please keep in mind that 2 and 3 will only work for the indicator on mobility rate, not for performance of incoming/outgoing students. Moreover you’ll only take mobility within the Erasmus framework into account.

There is no reference to the ISCED in the export from Mobility Tool. If you want to filter on ISCED, you need to add a column "Field of Education" to the export. You can use the vlookup function in Excel to retrieve ISCED codes from the mobilities export from mobility tool.

It is not that easy to answer this question as it highly depends on the system you use. For the performance of incoming students indicator, you will need an overview of incoming exchange students combined with the information on the total number of credits taken (this should correspond to the courses on the learning agreement) and those they successfully complete (courses they pass as part of the transcript of records).