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titleWhat kind of information is displayed in the App?

There There are many different types of information that the App displays, but the pre-defined content has been prepared by the App project consortium together with the European Commission and student organisations (as was the case with the original App).

The App will also have information published by universities, such as that contained in the IIA General Data. Another category of data points will come from student organisations themselves, be it ESN, ESU, AEGEE or others. Last but not least, students themselves are also invited and students themselves inviting them to co-create useful data points for fellow students, an idea that is already implemented in the current Apppeers.

titleHow can Universities contribute the information to the Erasmus+ App?

The Universities will be able to share useful information e.g. Events or Deals shortly via the Erasmus Dashboard as well as customise the Mobility Journey steps. Stay tuned!

The application for the mobility module in the Erasmus+ App will be based on the data from the Inter-institutional Agreements. So the finalisation of the Agreements will allow for students to view the opportunities and useful information on the exchange experience (and support offered) through the App for the second semester of 2021.