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titleESCI - European Student Card Initiative

This Initiative from the European Commission aims to enable every student to easily and safely identify and register themselves electronically at higher education institutions within Europe when moving abroad for studies, eliminating the need to complete onsite registration procedures and paper work. Erasmus Without Paper is one of the initiatives under the ESCI.

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titleESI - European Student Identifier

Unique European Student eID valid across borders and services. The European Student Identifier enables different systems to consistently recognise a given student as the same student.

The ESI is

  • Globally unique
  • Persistent
  • Non-targeted
  • Protocol neutral
  • Data transport neutral

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titleEWP registry

The EWP registry can be compared with a phone book for IT-systems (servers). The IT-system from one university consults the phone book (network) to find out which processes (APIs) are supported by which system. An overview of the processes covered by institutions can be found here.