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-Conversely, if the provider features in the list but you encounter issues exchanging data please feel free to contact the Dashboard helpdesk. At present we are not able to escalate technical issues to L2 or L3 teams due to the lack of resources, but we are nonetheless indexing issues that were not registered during the technical testing.

DateName of the partnerType of document that can be exchangedStatus
14th September 2021Masaryk University, ISOISOLAConfirmed
6th October 2021SOP Mobility-OnlineOLA
14th October 2021MoveONOLAConfirmed
18th October 2021ErasmusJetIIAConfirmed
12th November 2021SOP Mobility-OnlineIIAConfirmed
29th November 2021USOSIIAConfirmed
15th December 2021KIONIIAConfirmed
17th December 2021Masaryk University, ISOISIIAConfirmed
20th December 2021BeSmartIIAConfirmed
20th January 2022MoveONIIAConfirmed
31st January 2022XWS NONIOOLAConfirmed
31st January 2022SoleNovoOLAConfirmed
2nd February 2022SoleNovoIIAConfirmed
8th February 2022XWS NONIOIIAConfirmed
11th February 2022OSIRISOLAConfirmed
4th March 2022BeSmartOLAConfirmed