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The EWP Network is the electronic 'internet' that is used to connect the database of HEIs (either their own or through 3d party vendors such as Mobility Online or MoveOn) with each other, so they can communicate with each other and exchange information. In order to enable that, the EWP project has devised a number of APIs (connectors) than can connect HEI database software to the Network. The EWP/Erasmus Dashboard (both names refer to the same) is a free stand-alone software tool for those HEIs that don't have dedicated software to connect to the EWP Network. At the moment the Dashboard can take care of Online Learning Agreements and Inter-institutional Agreements. The Dashboard is now being connected to the EWP Network and once this connection is operational (already operational for the inter-institutional agreements and early 2021 for OLA) it will be able to connect to any HEI that is part of the EWP Network and exchange data with it. So if you use the Dashboard, you are already connected to the EWP network, at least for the services it offers. Registering for the Dashboard is different from registering for the EWP Network (the latter is mainly a technical procedure).