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Looking for personal/coordinator accounts instead?

This FAQ is about main institutional accounts. Each institution has only one of these, while every single Erasmus coordinator or international relations officer needs a personal account to use the Dashboard. More information on staff accounts here.

For every institution, one main institutional account is created at the time of registration to the Erasmus Dashboard. The main institutional account holder then has the power to invite the other staff members to use the platform in the Accounts and Access section (see also this tutorial on Staff Accounts). 

If it's necessary to change the main institutional account holder, we kindly ask you to reach out via helpdesk, as the previous account first needs to be removed. No information will be lost as everything is linked to the HEI profile, rather than the specific email address. After the removal of the existing account holder - a new registration can be made - on the registration page for the Dashboard using the new email address that will need to be validated.

Please also keep in mind that there cannot be duplicate accounts with the same email address, hence if you already have a staff account with a specific email address, it needs to be removed first to register as the main institution account holder.