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With the current authentication solution in the Erasmus Dashboard the change of the email address associated to a staff account can be achieved in the following way:
A new account associated to the new email address can be created, assigning to this new account the old one's role and then, once the user has activated their new staff account through the new email address, the old account can be deleted.

Here goes a simple example where Desiderius Erasmus is a staff account holder, more precisely an IRO:

  1. Desiderius already has a staff account with email address
  2. The office administrator or whoever has the permission to add staff accounts creates a new account for Desiderius, using, assigning to this new account the same role as the one held previously (in this case, IRO)

    Who can create accounts?

    Not all users can create staff accounts. To be able to do so, an user must have the Creating accounts permission enabled (default for the main institutional account). Here you can read more on Staff Accounts.

  3. Desiderius receives an email at asking him to activate his new account
  4. Desiderius activates the new account and the office administrator can now safely remove Desiderius' old account.

  5. That's it!

    Signing rigths

    Please keep in mind that the Online Learning Agreements under Mobilities 3.0 can be signed by anyone with the "Managing Students" permissions - so the change of the email associated to the staff members account will not have any consequences.

    Yet, the Online Learning Agreements under Mobilities OLA 2.0 (or documents initiated before October 2020) can be signed by the person who is indicated as responsible in the OLA.

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