Try the default file first!

Please always check if you can upload our template file before contacting us. If that upload fails as well, remember to mention it when reporting the issue. You can find the template on the Creating OLA page


The date in the CSV file must be formatted like this: dd/mm/yyyy. This may cause issues when typing the date in Excel or while editing the CSV, because the software might recognise the input as a date and could format it using your national standard. In countries where this standard uses a different separator, for example a period, the date may be formatted incorrectly (i.e. as

To avoid this issue, change the format of the cell from Date to Text.


Email format

Whenever you are typing an email address, particularly in the CSV to upload, please do not use any capital letters (i.e. use rather than or NAME.LAST@EMAIL.EU)

Please make sure there are no empty spaces in the email address’ cell checking whether there are no extra blank spaces before, in the middle or at the end of the address itself. As an example, " " will raise an error, while "" won't.

Errors with the institution

You may see this error referring to either the Sending or Receiving institution.

Please make sure that the Erasmus code is correct and is not missing some parts (for example the digits at the end or the country letters at the beginning). It is also possible that some extra spaces are making the code impossible to read. 

Sending institution not using the Dashboard

If you see an error saying that the sending institution is not using the Dashboard to connect to the EWP, it means that you have yet to activate the OLA API in the EWP settings page. Here you can find a guide on how to set up the connection to the EWP connection for OLAs.

Receiving institution not using the EWP

If you see an error saying that the receiving institution is not connected to the EWP, it means that your partner has yet to activate the OLA API. This might be due to an array of factors, so we suggest waiting a bit to give them the time to connect, or alternatively reach out to them to understand when they plan to actually connect.

Invalid column name

This is most likely due to the fact that you tried adding a new column or removing an existing one from the base template. Alternatively, this could happen if the headers row (with the names of each column) has been removed altogether.

Headers row

When uploading CSV files, you need to keep the first row of the template, the so called headers row, the one with "Name", "Last name" etc.

Do not remove this first row.

CSV file

Please make sure you are uploading a CSV file, not an Excel (xls, xlsx) file or other spreadsheet formats (such as ods).

The file you upload should have the .csv extension, if you are not sure how to create it, please do a web search for "exporting CSV".