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Higher Education Institutions can now customise the Mobility Journey in the Erasmus+ App as well as add Events and Deals via the Erasmus Dashboard (read more about the entry procedure here). The following step-by-step guides will illustrate how you can put these key messages right at the fingertips of your students easily accessible via the Erasmus+ App! 


Please refresh the Erasmus Dashboard page or clear the cache if the new menu options are not visible yet!


The permissions to interact with the Erasmus+ App module need to be granted, as is the case for all other Erasmus Dashboard functionalities. As customary, the staff members with corresponding permissions can enable all relevant colleagues to get the needed rights via the Accounts and Access section. 

If you are managing the staff accounts at a given institution: 

  • Go to the Accounts and Access 
  • Add the new permission “Erasmus+ App” to an existing role and the staff members who already have access to the Erasmus Dashboard will simply receive a notification that they now have new permissions. 
  • Or create a new specific role that has the permissions to share content to the Erasmus+ App and invite the staff members to do so.


Staff members who do not have the permissions to manage the Accounts and Access should consult the main institutional account holder or staff account manager at their institution to enable them access. See more information here. 

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