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In case you are using a 3rd party mobility management software, chances are that they are currently connecting their software to the Erasmus Without Paper Network to provide you with the functionality to send and receive mobility data via their software. Please get in touch with your respective mobility management software providers to learn more about their involvement in Erasmus Without Paper. 

Overview of the current 3rd party mobility software providers that were part of the EWP projects and initiated the connection with the Erasmus Without Paper Network:

Other 3rd-party software providers who have signed the EWP collaboration agreement and who are developing the EWP-APIs for their clients:

  • AEC
  • Be Smart
  • ErasmusPort (Turkey)
  • KION (Turkey)
  • Osiris
  • Solenovo
  • Terradota

If you use a 3rd party provider that is not mentioned in the overview above, please let us know or pass on our contact info to your software provider. Each third party provider is responsible for its own software and EWP implementation, so we can only act as an intermediary. 

State of play of the EWP APIs

The first quarter of 2021 has seen significant work on the EWP APIs, which was carried out under the aegis of the EDSSI project. The info below summarises the current state of play and planned developments. It is important to share this information with your IT-team/technical provider so they can plan their developments accordingly. It will be updated every half a year (next update: September 2021).

Inter-institutional agreement

Version 5 of the API was published on March 5 to ensure alignment with the new official template, published on January 29 for the 2021-2027 period. Version 6 was published on March 15 to incorporate a request from the EWP community to allow changes in contacts without the need to resign the agreement. To support the whole process, the IIA Approval API version 1 should be supported as well.

No further updates of this API are envisaged for the coming 6 months; all previous versions of the IIA API will now be deprecated although all EWP nodes are free to continue supporting deprecated API versions (e.g. if their partners are still updating their systems).

Learning agreements

The learning agreement API was updated on March 10 to ensure compliance with the official template published on February 9th for the 2021-2027 period. No further updates of this API are envisaged for the coming 6 months and, similarly to the IIA API, all previous versions will be deprecated.


An updated specification of the nominations API (the so called Outgoing mobilities API) is provisionally scheduled for September 2021.

Transcripts of records

An updated specification of the API for Transcript of Records (Incoming TOR APIs) is provisionally scheduled in the course of 2022.

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