Who can join?

In order to join the EWP Network institutions need to have an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education; accordingly organizational units of a given HEI (faculties, departments) are not allowed to connect to the network on their own.  You don't join or register for EWP personally, your institution does

When your institution wants to join the EWP network you first of all you need to decide which category of user you are.

Different scenario's for joining Erasmus Without Paper

For more info on the different scenario's for joining Erasmus Without Paper:

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If you know what scenario is applicable for you institution, click the box below.

Erasmus Dashboard

When you use the Erasmus Dashboard to manage mobilities, you can join Erasmus Without Paper via the Erasmus Dashboard.

Commercial mobility software

When using third-party software, you will join Erasmus Without Paper via your software provider who will connect your system to Erasmus Without Paper.

In-house built mobility software

When using in-house built mobility software, you will need to connect your system to the Erasmus Without Paper network.

The entry procedure for institutions who want to join EWP via their in-house or 3rd party software above is currently revised with the aim to automate the entry procedure through a web application. We hope to release this new entry functionality in the course of 2021.

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