From the moment that the Dashboard has been fully integrated with the EWP Network (effective 12 June 2021) all the data exchange processes fall in one of these two categories:

Technical testing and validation has been/is carried out between the concerned engineering teams of the Dashboard and any 3PP in order to ensure the correct functioning of the digital tools

Please note, that while it does not guarantee a bug-free data exchange it should provide a clear enough signal to the universities that a given exchange is viable.
In order to make this process as transparent as possible, we also publish a regularly updated list of which technical tests have been successfully completed, below.

-If a given provider is not listed here please do not assume that the EWP connection can be successfully established through the Dashboard from your organisation.

-Conversely, if the provider features in the list but you encounter issues exchanging data please feel free to contact the Dashboard helpdesk. At present we are not able to escalate technical issues to L2 or L3 teams due to the lack of resources, but we are nonetheless indexing issues that were not registered during the technical testing.

DateName of the partnerType of document that can be exchangedStatus
30th June 2021MoveONOLATo be Confirmed (waiting for report)
14th September 2021Masaryk University, ISOISOLAConfirmed