You can easily add new Events and Deals by filling in the form and submitting it. 

In this form, the Higher Education Institutions can add the following information: 

What: This section includes the basic description of the content consisting of the following data points: 

  • Title of the Event or Deal
  • Short summary
  • More information for the student explaining all the details   

Where: The content is geotagged and can also show on the map of the city where the student is located – so you can add the address, if relevant. 

For whom: This section allows you to specify the target audience via several categories. 

  • Conditions is an open text field that allows you to specify the preconditions of the Deal, if relevant. For example: "You have to be a student in University XYZ" or "You have to show your student card" etc. 
  • Programme indicates the target group – if it is applicable for Higher Education Students, Trainees or Erasmus Mundus track.
  • Mobility Phase is another means of organising the content in the App – helping the students understand if the information is relevant before, during or after their mobility and making sure they have access to most topical information at the right time.
  • Tags allow for a diverse content from Deals, Events, Tips and Stories are organised in the Erasmus+ App public feed, allowing the students to find the information on the topics of their interest, by searching and filtering the content in the App. 

When: You can also add the timeframe when the specific Event is taking place. 

Website:  This section allows for adding relevant links for the student. 

Image: You can add more visual content for illustration. 


Please note that the content is instantly displayed in the Erasmus+ App.  

You can always also overview and remove the information shared to the App, should any adjustments be needed. 

Please make sure to remove duplicate entries if re-submitting the content. 

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