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This is the Knowledge Base (KB) of the European University Foundation (EUF).

The aim of this KB is to provide information for Higher Education Institutions about the different developments, tools and initiatives related to the EUF.
Primarily, the EUF KB summarises and structures information about how to apply and use the different mobility management tools of the Erasmus+ digitalisation roadmap.

If you are an IT professional, please visit this page for technical information.

The EDSSI project

EDSSI stands for European Digital Student Service Infrastructure.The infrastructure – currently under development – will allow European higher education institutions and student service providers to exchange Erasmus+ student data in a reliable way and enable secure access to student mobility electronic services and tools.

EDSSI integrates a range of ongoing digital initiatives – the so-called building blocks.

In the different spaces of this KB you will find more information about the building blocks, such as the Erasmus Without Paper Network, the MyAcademicID project or the Erasmus+ Dashboard. EDSSI further develops and connects these building blocks and delivers a core infrastructure that will benefit student service providers, higher education institutions and, most importantly, students.

The main spaces of this Knowledge Base

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