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    ESCI Service Desk: integration of interoperability issues (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    To be able to support all EWP users experiencing interoperability issues, you can now add a ticket via the ESCI Community Service Desk. Service Desk agents will get in touch with the involved providers and help solve the issue. This expansion and improved synergy with third party service desks is essential to be able to support all EWP+ end users in a comprehensive and timely manner.

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    EWP assessment report (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) assessment report is part of the Interoperability Reinforcement Plan that was elaborated at the request of the European Commission in the summer of 2022. The plan sets out steps to reach full interoperability (which means the ability of computer systems to exchange machine-readable data among themselves) for inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and learning agreements (LAs) as the highest priority. The aim of this assessment report is to help bring to the fore the successes as well as the known issues some higher education institutions (HEIs) are still facing when exchanging Erasmus+ student data via the EWP. The report is expected to improve the collective understanding of the state of play of the HEIs in the EWP ecosystem to move to completely digital IIA and LA processes. It should also lead to public discussion and greater transparency towards end users.

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    Digital Erasmus+ as seen by a Digital Officer (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    This is a special "EWP Meet the Team" interview. Many of us across Europe are working together, in close collaboration with each other, to make Erasmus+ digital. Therefore, from time to time, we would like to present the thoughts of different actors from this broader team.

    Tibor Tóth is a Senior Erasmus+ Coordinator for Higher Education activities at the Hungarian National Agency (NA), hosted by the Tempus Public Foundation. Among his duties as KA131 programme coordinator, national OLS contact person, and Business Expert member of DG EAC Erasmus+ Consultative NA Working Group on IT Tools, he acts as the Digital Officer of the National Agency.

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    EGD Autumn webinar (Erasmus Without Paper)

    Mark your calendar: 3rd of November we invite you for the final Erasmus Goes Digital session of 2022: EGD Autumn Sessions.

    As always, the programme differentiates between EWP Dashboard users and users with an inhouse/third party solution.


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    ESCI Community Service Desk update September (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The ESCI Service Desk has been supporting the higher education community and students for over 5 months by answering questions concerning the EWP Dashboard, Erasmus Without Paper, the Erasmus App and the Online Learning Agreement. No less than 2,002 out of 2,261 tickets are dealt with. Most of the tickets are answered within one day and resolved within two working days.

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    Developers gathered again in Warsaw (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    For the second time this month, developers gathered in Warsaw for the so-called EWP developers workshop. Representatives from eight IT-systems to manage mobility were present on site, while 15 more colleagues followed the workshop remotely. 

    The main aim of this workshop was to bring developers together to sit hand by hand and test their IIA and LA connections. Amongst on site participants were representatives from some of the software systems representing most HEIs in the EWP network: the EWP Dashboard, Mobility Online and MoveOn. Also Osiris, USOS and three inhouse systems were present in Poland. Amongst the remote participants KION and Sigma participated alongside several inhouse-providers. On the second day of the workshop also ErasmusJet and SoleMove took part.

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    EWP Town Hall meeting 18/10 (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The EWP+ consortium will organise a second Town Hall meeting on the 18th of October at 14:00 CEST.

    During the Town Hall meeting EWP experts open the floor for discussions and live address questions you may have.

    Have a question? We invite you to join in and ask it live! Please fill out the registration form.
    You can also watch the livestream of the event via the ESCI YouTube channel.

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    First workshop for EWP-developers took place in Warsaw (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    Last week, mobility software providers gathered in Warsaw to jointly review, discuss and test the implementation of specific functionalities and business processes to exchange IIAs and LAs. 

    Amongst others the Italian programmers from the CINECA system as well as BeSmart SRL, the Spanish SIGMA and Czech IU4S provider, joined this first workshop. Apart from them several in-house providers took part, either in Warsaw or remotely. The EWP Dashboard, the so-called reference implementation, was represented as well. After a round of introductions, the draft mandatory business requirements were presented and discussed for setting the stage. Afterwards participants looked into detail to the technical exchange scenarios and flows, also highlighting the most common misunderstandings of the specification.

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    New service to identify providers of your partners (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    When dealing with the online renewal of inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and learning agreements (LAs,) you have definitely wondered: what tool is my partner using. A new service developed by the EWP+ Consortium now unlocks this information.

    You might be curious if your partner is already connected to EWP and what provider your partner is using. A newly developed service, the so called “EWP Stats Portal”, unlocks the information of who is using what tool/provider in a few clicks. Use the search functionality to find a partner by typing e.g. the name, erasmus code, city or country and you’ll see immediately what tool is in use at your partner in the column “EWP providers”.

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    Q&A report Town Hall meeting 22/08/2022 (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    On the 22nd of August the EWP+ Consortium organised a so-called Town Hall meeting. The Town Hall meetings are a new format where we open the floor for discussions and live address questions you may have.

    The Q&A report from this Town Hall is now available:

    You can also still watch the recording of the event.

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    EWP by and for universities: governance to further digitise the Erasmus administration (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The primary purpose of the EWP governance structures is to ensure that all aspects of the digitalisation of Erasmus+ administration can be steered effectively towards a successful completion. The governance structure that has now been approved by the European Commission DG EAC, allows for the involvement of all types of stakeholders, aiming to earn the trust and support of the community it serves. Enhancing the governance mechanisms will enshrine collaborative effort towards deploying state of the art digital infrastructure that significantly advances mobility and cooperation both in Europe and ultimately beyond.

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    Save the Date - EWP Town Hall meeting - 22 August 2022 (Erasmus Without Paper)

    We are pleased to announce the date for the first EWP+ Town Hall meeting, on the 22nd of August at 2pm CEST (GMT+1). This forum will be part of a set of actions to ensure that no end-user is left behind. See more information about the Interoperability Reinforcement Plan here.

    Because feedback and end-user input are critical in the roll-out and efforts to continuously improve the Erasmus Without Paper Network, we introduce the concept of Town Hall Meetings.

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    Interoperability Reinforcement Plan (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    As the first deadlines for switching to fully digital inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) and learning agreements (LAs) are approaching, further progress is needed to put an end to the considerable difficulties experienced by many end-users. To respond to this need, a new Interoperability Reinforcement Plan (or Action Plan) sets out the full interoperability of IIAs and LAs as the highest priority for the EWP network for the coming 6 months.

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    Survey analysis: your view on EWP (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    In spring 2022 the EWP+ consortium reached out to the Higher Education community to take stock of the developments on Erasmus Without Paper (EWP). Therefore a survey was circulated targeted at people working in international offices involved in EWP-implementation at their institution. Up to 700 participants shared their views on several aspects and 419 colleagues answered the whole set of questions.

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    The EWP+ Meet The Team Series: Victoria Penopoulou (ESCI Service Desk Agent) (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The Erasmus Without Paper project plays a central role in digitalization of the Erasmus administration. A total of 14 consortium partner institutions are working on various building blocks of the European Student Card Initiative, aiming to replace paper-based workflows, allowing Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to digitally exchange information in the context of student mobility.

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    EWP Dashboard: What goes on behind the scenes? - maintenance and future enhancements (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    You are probably familiar with the EWP Dashboard, the free-to-use online tool to support management of Erasmus+ student mobilities. Currently, it is used to oversee students (online) Learning Agreements (OLAs), manage Inter-Institutional Agreements (IIAs), input data to the Erasmus+ App, i.e. to handle student nominations through the Erasmus App and feed information into the Ukraine support trackr (find out more here).

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    Specific business user groups announced at Erasmus Goes Digital webinar (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    At the Erasmus Goes Digital webinar in spring there was a huge interest in having discussions with colleagues using a similar system and the EWP+ Consortium would like to facilitate such exchanges. As part of the action plan to reinforce interoperability (the plan itself will be shared with the community soon), the consortium announced the establishment of system specific business user groups. These open discussion groups, set up per mobility management system, aim to facilitate the exchange of information and discussion about issues affecting them. The Consortium announced the establishment of a virtual collaboration space in the messaging program Slack. In due time, those user groups will become part of the formal ESCI governance structure and twice a year participants will be invited for an online meeting per user group.

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    Erasmus Goes Digital: summer webinars (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    Mark your calendar: 16th of June there is a new Erasmus Goes Digital webinar.

    The programme differentiates between EWP Dashboard users and users with an inhouse/third party solution.

    Tentative programme:

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    ESCI Community Service Desk update (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    The new integrated ESCI Community Service Desk has been up and running for 8 weeks. In that period, agents successfully resolved 440 tickets. The Service Desk aims to respond to all tickets immediately and resolve each ticket within five work days.

    The Service Desk agents continue to support students, HEIs and technical people on a daily basis, By working with technical teams in all layers of the Erasmus ecosystem. We thank everyone for their engagement and patience.

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    Erasmus Goes Digital: summer session (Welcome to the EUF Knowledge Base!)

    SAVE THE DATE: Erasmus Goes Digital webinars return for Summer Session on 16/06

    2313 participants from across 33 countries viewed the Erasmus Goes Digital: spring webinars and a large majority of them indicated they would participate in the next webinar sessions. But we have no time to thank all the speakers and our community for tuning in en masse. Because next sessions are already around the corner. Join us on the 16th of June for the Erasmus Goes Digital - summer webinars.

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