The latest sessions of the Erasmus Goes Digital webinars, hosted on Thursday 16/06, are available online via the EWP Competence Centre. The sessions saw the announcement of system-specific business user groups. Information on how to join can be found below.

At the Erasmus Goes Digital webinar in spring there was a huge interest in having discussions with colleagues using a similar system and the EWP+ Consortium would like to facilitate such exchanges. As part of the action plan to reinforce interoperability (the plan itself will be shared with the community soon), the consortium announced the establishment of system specific business user groups. These open discussion groups, set up per mobility management system, aim to facilitate the exchange of information and discussion about issues affecting them. The Consortium announced the establishment of a virtual collaboration space in the messaging program Slack. In due time, those user groups will become part of the formal ESCI governance structure and twice a year participants will be invited for an online meeting per user group.

There are specific user groups for systems with a large user base. For users relying on systems with a smaller user base, a separate joint user group is established. If you are interested in joining the user groups, please provide your contact information via this registration form. 

The user groups were annonced on Thursday 16/06, during the Erasmus Goes Digital webinar series, one for users of the Erasmus Dashboard, and another sessions for third party software and in-house systems. 

The agenda encapsulated two main themes. On the one hand it highlighted the work being done by all the partners on a daily basis, such as maintaining the network and improving the functionalities. On the other hand, the Consortium announced additional actions towards dealing with interoperability issues and stakeholder representation.

The webinar recording can be found on the ESCI YouTube channel. The presentations from the speakers are available via the EWP+ Competence Centre.

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