There are several data sets that need to be uploaded and that are being used for eQuATIC. The data in a particular upload, can be used for several indicators. The complete overview of which data set is used for which indicator can be found in the indicators overview. The data templates can be downloaded from this platform or you can download the templates directly from the tool via the local admin menu – data upload. Go to the relevant data upload and click the ‘export’ button.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Export data from your system(s)
  2. Compile the information from different data sheets into one data sheet (optional)
  3. Manipulate the data and adapt the structure to the data templates
  4. Save the template on your computer or server
  5. Go to data uploads in the eQuATIC tool
  6. Choose "select file" and navigate to your computer or server (cfr. step 4)
  7. Upload the file
  8. Correct errors (if errors occur)

An institution uploading data in eQuATIC remains the owner of its data. The analysed data is only shared with the users from the own institution. For making the analysis available, the data is stored on servers at Ghent University but this does not affect the ownership of the data nor the accessibility inside the tool. Legally everything is settled in a special contract on the confidentiality and limited use for eQuATIC.

User manual data uploads pdf version