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titleEWP support - Capacity issues

Even though the EU funding for the EWP project officially ended on 31.12.2019, the  the Erasmus Without Paper Network and Dashboard will be maintained and further developed in the context of the the European Student Card Initiative. The core project team remains active despite there being no direct funding at present for the EWP project, working to ensure that both the EWP Network and Dashboard remain available to more than 1.000 and 2.300 2200 and 3000 higher education institutions respectively. In 2020 and 2021 we have also deployed new APIs and online services and ensured that the rapid increase in the number of connections to this infrastructure was achieved without difficulties. We also made a major effort to tend to more than 3.000 3000 emails and support requests.

The rapid growth of EWP and the fact that personalized personalised support to users is a very resource-intensive task means that we do not have the capacity to continue to operate this service to the desired extent for the time being, and would like to invite users to refer to the EWP Knowledge BaseCompetence Centre, where most relevant information can already be found. In the meantime, we will continue to strive for resources to be allocated to enabling the kind of support that the Erasmus+ community undoubtably deserves.

The EWP teams remains strongly committed to the success of this initiative and the ESCI as a whole. We will continue to marshal our own resources and voluntary work to cover the costs of keeping the EWP Network, Dashboard and Knowledge Base Competence Centre available and are currently exploring different possibilities to ensure a more sustainable funding.

Update: a contract has been signed with the European Commission on the 18th October 2021 which should enable several key EWP services to be strengthened from 2022 onwards, including the allocation of more capacity to support and helpdesk to HEIs.  

For technical questions on how to enter or use the EWP network (not the Erasmus Dashboard*), please consult and/or go to the EWP GitHub platform where you can submit an issue.