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Performance of incoming/outgoing students

For each student:

  • Calculate the number of days in the program (End.Date-Start.Date)
  • student score =
  • when

Per university:

  • Score =

Support and facilities at the host institution

Combine student and trainee-data


  • per entry: mean of non-missing support-questions (range 1-5)
  • missing if no questions answered
  • per university: mean of the per-entry-score


  • per entry: mean of non-missing facilities-questions (range 1-5)
  • missing if no questions answered
  • per university: mean of per-entry-score

Total S&F-score:

  • Now there is a support-score and a facilities-score per university
  • Weight =
    1 if there is a support and a facilities score for that university
    0.8 if there is only a support-score
  • Total.Score =
    where FacScore is set to 0 if it is missing
    Total.Score.Rescaled =

Academic quality

per entry:

  • Combine students and trainee questions on quality
  • Score = mean of the non-missing answers (range 1-5)

per university

  • Score = average entry.score within the university
  • Score.rescaled =


To calculate the rankings indicator:

  1. Only institutions that are ranked in top 500 of at least two of the three rankings (ARWU, QS and THE) will be taken into account
  2. Calculate the average ranking based on the ranking positions
  3. Calculate the relative score for each institution, the highest ranked institution will get the highest score
    1. List from best to worst outcome. For equal outcomes, it doesn't matter (are handled later on)
    2. Assign a score to each position: best position, highest score, worst position 0
    3. The institutions with the same outcome, get the average score of this group of institutions

Only the most recent upload by the super admin should be taken into account

Course catalogue information


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