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This Knowledge Base provides you with guidance on how to digitalise the internationalisation processes at your Higher Education Institution.

Find out more about:

  • The Erasmus Without Paper Competence Centre, with comprehensive information about the different EWP tools and processes that you can use to digitalise your Erasmus+ management.
  • The DASH (also known as Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard), designed for institutions that are currently not using any digital solution to manage their Erasmus mobility management.
  • MAID, a groundbreaking initiative to create a single European student eID for higher education.
  • App, students' single point of entry into the Erasmus+ programme. The App will provide a broad range of information, tools and services to help students plan and carry out their exchange, supporting a first-rate mobility experience. 
  • The eQuATIC project, an online web service that can be used by institutions to evaluate their existing partnerships.

Browse through the pages of each of the project to learn more!