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titleDecline does not mean delete

If you need to decline an OLA because of mistakes in it, use the Decline button, not the Delete button. The deletion can be used when for example a student has inadvertently created multiple OLAs or for other extraordinary cases. Normally, OLAs can simply be declined, thus making them editable for students.

Online Learning Agreements that are not signed by


HEIs can be removed


via the functionalities available on the platform. 

To do so, go the the Outgoing students list and open the OLA you want to delete. In the OLA overview, at the very bottom, you will find a Delete OLA button. OLAs already signed cannot be deleted, which means that only the OLAs with status Signed by the student or (Preliminary) unsigned can be deleted. Rejecting an OLA will effectively move it back to Unsigned status, thus making it deletable.

titleNotify students!

Students do not get a notification when their OLA is deleted. If you need the student to be informed of the deletion, please let them know.

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