You don't join or register for EWP personally, your institution does. A distinction has to be made between registering for the EWP Network and the EWP Dashboard.

  1. Registering for the EWP Dashboard: there you create an account for your institution. The Dashboard is a separate tool that allows you to manage OLAs an IIAs. The data in those can then be exchanged over the EWP Network.
  2. Joining through 3rd party software: in that case you don't need to carry out this task yourself. The software provider does it for you and you use the logins you already have for the software. Contact them to get all the details on what they are doing in terms of EWP.
  3. The third option to join is to connect your institution's internal software to the EWP Network. This involves ICT development, and e.g. IRO persons cannot normally do this on their own. The institution will assign the logins as you work via the HEI's own server. The full procedure can be found here.