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A new Inter-Institutional Agreement can be initiated in the section “New Digital IIA” clicking through the steps and indicating the cooperation conditions as per the official template.

Step-by-step guide

  1. The first step illustrates the scope of the Inter-Institutional Agreement

  2. In the second step the specific partner institution can be chosen from the drop down menu. The indication of the partner will automatically fetch all the other basic information about the institution.

  3. After the time frame of the Agreement has been indicated – you can go to the next page.

  4. The overview of the general information about the HEI is illustrated. Staff members with respective rights can always edit and update it in the “Default IIA” section.

  5. In the next steps, the partners can indicate the cooperation conditions for all types of mobilities. If you want to add more than one type of mobility, you have to add a new cooperation condition.

  6. The next step allows for the final review of all the data in the IIA before signing and sending off to the partner. Clicking on "Submit IIA" (previously called "Sign and submit IIA") triggers a notification system and an email invitation to review the IIA is sent to the person indicated as the contact point in the agreement.

  7. The email notification is sent to the partner inviting them to log in Erasmus Dashboard and review the Inter-Institutional Agreement.

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