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Currently the module caters for the study mobility management.

Students can now apply for the Erasmus+ mobility directly through the App and Higher Education Institutions can manage these applications via the Erasmus Dashboard.

1. Inter-institutional Agreements

The Application is based on the partnership data from the Inter-institutional Agreements in the Erasmus Dashboard, hence the renewal of the IIAs in a digital form is the first precondition.


The Applications for Erasmus+ section will be available if the HEI uses Erasmus Dashboard to manage the IIAs.

Permissions in Accounts and Access

Next to that, the specific permissions for managing this module needs to be enabled in the Accounts and Access section.

Just add "Applications for Erasmus+" permissions to the existing roles or create a new one to grant access to your colleagues. See more information also here.


Currently the module caters for the study mobility management.

If your HEI is using your own or a third-party solution already for the management of this process in a digital form – we are happy to hear you are already one step closer to the fully digital Erasmus+ mobility management ahead of the ESCI roadmap.

That depends on your workflows and how it is used at your institution to support the mobility management - e.g. if you use it got the Applications for Erasmus+ mobility management. 

But the students can acquire useful information and get easy access to services throughout the life cycle of the mobility - before, during and after. See more information also here:

The data on partnerships comes from the Inter-institutional Agreements that allow the students explore the opportunities available for them as well as the default Inter-institutional Agreement data, previously known as the factsheet part that gives basic insights on the diverse Higher Education Institutions. 

Yes, the home HEIs can stipulate more details on the application requirements as well as the time frame in the Erasmus Dashboard. See more information here.

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