The HOME project (Home of Mobile Europeans) is a Key Action 2 Erasmus+ project that aims to promote international mobility by providing students and trainees with an easier way to find their new home abroad. The main goal is to provide quality accommodation options available at the fingertips of mobile Europeans, increasing the quality and transparency of information about student accommodation and ensuring that it is seamlessly shared at the European level. The intention is to integrate accommodation options into the Erasmus+ Mobile App which is developed by the European University Foundation on behalf of the European Commission. 

The project consortium is formed by HousingAnywhere, the European University Foundation (EUF), Union of Property Owners (UIPI), University Politecnico di Milano, Confia International and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

Key milestones of the HOME project are the creation of a set of Quality Labels identifying the most important housing information needs of EU international students, carrying a “seal” of EU-recognition, and the Defining a Digital Data Standard, acting as a technical foundation for the Quality Labels for Housing Providers and Housing Intermediaries to use for univocally integrating and presenting their housing offer in the Erasmus+ App.

Find out more about the HOME project on the official project website: the introduction: Introduction to the HOME project or view the Digital Data Standard specification

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