Housing of Mobile Europeans


This knowledge base assesses the outcomes of the HOME (Housing of Mobile Europeans) project that tackles one of the most important issue that students face while on mobility: housing. This space will share information thats is useful for both students and staff of universities as well as housing provider.

Welcome to the HOME (Home of Mobile Europeans) space of this knowledge base. 

This project's aim was to boost the quality of student mobility by defining and implementing quality standards for international student accommodation.

The purpose of this wiki space is to:

  • Provide information about the HOME project
  • Clarify what is: Digital Data Standards of Student Accommodations and Student Accommodation Quality Labels
  • Give access to educational resources tailored to: students and trainees, Student NGOs, Higher Education Institutions, housing providers and market intermediaries.

To get more information about the HOME project and its purpose, partners, deliverables and expected impact, please click to the menu here, and then use the page tree on the left to navigate between the different menu pages. 

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