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OLA for Traineeships platform discontinued

As per previous announcements the OLA for Traineeships platform has been discontinued.

To ensure that the students are able to access their OLA data, a possibility to export the OLAs has been set-up that allows them to acquire their Learning Agreements in their inbox. The OLA for Traineeships homepage will direct them to the following page from now on:

The same page will also allow the students to acquire their old OLA data for the Learning Agreements for Studies made before the OLA 3.0 updates. For the IROs nothing changes - they will still be able to access the older OLAs in the OLA 2.0 section in the Erasmus Dashboard.

The OLA system offers support in mobility management for ECHE holders across Europe and now, the Traineeship/Placement management is also made easier by using the OLA platform to interact with the LAs online. Sending Institutions as well as Receiving Organisations/Enterprises are able to review and sign the LAs as well as download the final version of the document. 

It is important to note that in-depth connection with the Erasmus Dashboard (or mobility management platform for HEIs) is foreseen in the near future, and will offer HEIs even more functionalities to monitor and manage the OLAs for Traineeships.

The OLA for Traineeships is developed in the framework of the Online Learning Agreement follow up project (known as OLA+) with the financial support of the European Commission. 

Step-by-step guide

How can my Erasmus students use the OLA for Traineeships?

  1. Students can use their existing login credentials for the OLA platform or Erasmus+ App, or register here. Registering creates an Erasmus Profile and the login credentials confer access to both tools:  

  2. After logging in (, mobile students complete the LA for Traineeships fields and sign it.

  3. The coordinator at the Sending Institution then receives an automatic notification via email to review and sign the LA for Traineeships.

    In the near future, also in-depth connection with the Erasmus Dashboard is foreseen, offering HEIs even more functionalities to monitor and manage the OLA for Traineeships.

  4. After signing the OLA, HEIs can in the meantime download the Learning Agreement as a PDF version.

  5. After the Sending Institution has approved and signed the LA, the Receiving Organisation/Enterprise receives an automatic notification via email to check and sign the LA for Traineeships.

  6. When all three parties have confirmed the OLA for Traineeships proposal, they receive a notification to download the finalised version of the LA.

  7. Later on, changes to the LA or during mobility section can be introduced and details about the content of the Traineeship, duration as well as responsible persons can be changed and confirmed by the Sending Institution and the Receiving/Organisation Enterprise.

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