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To interact with the EWP Settings page, please navigate to the corresponding menu section.


Do you want to exchange Online Learning Agreements and Inter Institutional Agreements through the EWP? Read these:  Activating EWP Network connection for OLA and               Activating EWP Network connection for IIAs

Activating connection

In order to activate the EWP Network data exchange functionality, the Higher Education Institution simply has to save the preferences in the settings enabling the exchange of Online Learning Agreement or Inter-institutional Agreement data. For a HEI to be fully represented in EWP by the Dashboard all 3 APIs need to be marked as “yes”. Please note that it may take several for the updated status to be reflected in the EWP Registry).

Deactivating connection

If you no longer do not wish to be represented in the EWP Network by the Erasmus Dashboard you can simply deactivate the IIA API or OLA API via the Erasmus Dashboard EWP Settings section. Simply alter your preferences accordingly to “no”. See the tutorial above. (Please note that it may take several minutes for the updated status to be reflected in the EWP Registry.


If you are planning to connect to EWP via a third-party provider or an in-house system, having an Erasmus Dashboard account with OLA/IIA API connection turned off will not interfere with such connection - you are still welcome to use the Erasmus Dashboard to add information to the Erasmus+ App, or use the covid mobility status tracking tool.

 Video Tutorial  for EWP settings